1. A Matsuko Deluxe impersonator finds a new way to mess Housei’s name up :D
    From: Gokigen Sept 9th 2014

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

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  2. Tsukitei Housei participates in a challenge to call his youngest daughter and ask directly if she loves him for the first time. He also manages to rope in his eldest daughter.
    From: Yattemita 2014.07.23

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs with special thanks to Hidensetsu for helping me. (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

    I had trouble encoding this due to the format of the raw so the softsub offers a bit better quality, it’s available for download here (Gaki Forums)

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    tsukitei housei yamasaki hosei yamazaki housei tsukitei hosei yamasaki housei amateursub

  3. Sims 4 Gaki House (New Tumblr)


    1st day - Ignored Hosei
    Hosei get ignored when greeting his “friends”.


    Hey everyone, check out this new Tumblr blog “Residence Gaki” made by French fan andylau-fr featuring the adventures of the Gaki guys in Sims 4. You can read about each character and their traits/ambitions in their Gaki forum thread.

    It’s already looking totally fitting and hilarious with Housei getting left out both inside and outside of the house xD

    Note: They’re totally new to Tumblr so give them a chance! :)

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  4. Imada Koji ain’t got time for Housei’s nonsense.

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

    Low Quality Raw Source Clip (Youtube)

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  5. Anonymous said: Hello, me again. Thanks for linking to all those gaki episodes, but I already watched them all :) Most gifs you post here are from episodes that aren't subbed, like ametalk, lincoln and gaki. :( I wish you would sub some ...

    Hi! No problem, you’re welcome. You could check out GodzillaRadio who has subbed some Ametalk, Gaki and Lincoln amongst other shows. Anyway yeah I do commiserate with you, I wish there were more subbers for Japanese variety shows or Japanese comedians in general. I’m just grateful Housei’s a very emotive person so you can get a gist of the tone from his face/gestures if not his words.

    In all honesty the “amateur subbing” (aka guesswork lol) I do here can be done by literally anyone though. It might not be believable when I say that but really all that’s needed is time. If I watch an episode of a Japanese show, I don’t know what any of them are saying :( !! I posted what tools/references I use on this page for anyone to give it a shot themselves, but if I ever get time maybe I will record my process for tutorial videos.

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  6. Anonymous said: Oooh man, I LOVE all this japanese show you are showcasing here! But none of them are subbed :( I would literally pay thousands to hire subbers. Why do you only sub gifs? Please sub whole episodes or webms, I don't care if you "dont know japanese". PLEASE!


    Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying what I share :)

    For “shows” do you mean Gaki no Tsukai which airs every week? You’ll be happy to hear that does indeed have a number of subbed episodes. There aren’t many active subbers though sadly to consistently sub more. Here’s a couple of posts I’ve made about finding subbed Gaki:

    Read More

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  7. Matsumoto teases Housei when no-one thinks to write his name for the question “Who is their favourite Gaki member?” (in the end it turned out to be Tanaka).
    From: Gaki #1211  2014.06.29

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies). Special thanks to CakeDesu & GodzillaRadio for helping me with the Kanji for “write”.

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  8. Gaki no Tsukai #1207 14.06.01 Costume Talk

    Matsumoto pokes fun at Housei's informal speech irrespective of seniority (タメロ - Friendly tone, such as with a classmate). Though Matsumoto can’t keep a straight face and Housei just laughs without any need of an apology (“⌒∇⌒”)

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning:
    May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

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  9. Marco Polori 2014.06.22

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

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  10. Gaki #1208 14.06.08 Toshi-chan Karuta Contest

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

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