1. Getting spat on by shellfish, just a typical day for Housei.

    Note: I believe the tease at the end is in reference to his joke title of “onsen pro” after numerous appearances on the show documenting unique/different experiences at hot springs. As expected he provided the unexpected.

    From Drive A Go Go! July 13th 2014
    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs

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  2. Some new DHC diet promo video I found today. I love how everyone else in this commercial is the usual “Yay I can finally fit into this great dress/outfit thanks to losing weight”, but Housei’s seems to be “Yay I can look cool in this tight power ranger outfit” hahaha…

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  3. Anonymous said: You have a fan base here in New Zealand, have you been here before and do you have any plans on visiting any time in the future?

    I guess you mean Housei? I’m not affiliated with him, I’m just a fan like you except I’m based in England instead! =) Nice to know he has fans in your country! I wish he’d visit England too haha.

    If you’re ever able to visit Japan though, out of the Gaki cast he’s probably the easiest to get to see live. He does regular stage rakugo gigs and sometimes theater plays. After some gigs, depending on location/time he’ll meet and greet people after the show.

    Actually sometime back a Gaki fan from France told me they met him after a rakugo gig. He was very surprised someone from so far away knew of him. Housei asked if they were able to understand the show alright, luckily they knew enough Japanese. Housei bowed whilst saying “Thank you for coming”, shook hands and obliged taking a photo together =)

    P.S. I’m very sorry for the lack of updates to this blog lately, I’m drowning in work!! But here’s hoping I get more free time soon.

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  4. Gaki no Tsukai #1206 (14.05.25) Non-alcoholic Beer Kiki

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  5. Mecha-Ike 2005.03 “Macho Ado About Love”
    Featuring Chiaki (pre-Endo breakup)
    Host: Hiroyuki Yabe
    Cast: Tsukitei (Yamazaki) Housei, Degawa Tetsuro, Arino Shinya, Takashi Okamura, Masaru Hamaguchi, Keiichi Yamamoto, Etc.
    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).

    Stumbled across this funny video raw on Youtube and decided to try and figure out whats being said at some points! Some may recognise Arino here from Game Center CX.

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  6. Housei Rap Battle vs Greengrocer
    Gaki no Tsukai #1172 2013.09.22
    Subbed by Shion

    Great to see more Gaki subs! They say if their Youtube channel gets more support they’ll sub more stuff so chuck them a Like, Subscribe or Comment! =)

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  7. Tsukitei Housei messes about with his co-host whilst he tries to read messages before the ad-break on Nanishiyo (January 27th 2014).

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  8. Tsukitei Housei on Kugizuke (2014.04.20)
    A recent news talk show. Topics: Singing careers, Compliments from men that are rude, Indecent behavior, A former AKB48 member, Dating concerns, Troubling dreams (Housei’s includes Hamada ;) ).

    Amateur Sub by yamasakigifs (Warning: May contain peanuts inaccuracies).
    Hosts: Kaminuma Emiko, Takada Junji.
    Fellow Guest: Shimazaki Wakako.

    The female host on this is great though VERY fast-talking! Thankfully I had a Japanese transcript to go by. Love how she teases him yet affectionately calls him “Housei-kun” =)

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  9. More recent Twitter fun. =)

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  10. So Housei got bored on the train and this happened. Was gonna try and translate them all but even this much took ages heh. Maybe another day. Nice of him to do this =)

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